Scents Are Memories

Where do scents take you?

Gardenia takes me right back to middle school and the gardenia scented Bath and Body lotion I loved so much. It also brings to mind a candle I used to sell in my bookshop a long time ago. I can still hear the tinkle of the bell on the door and remember how the town square sat so pretty outside the window.

Tuberose is our porch in the summertime growing up, at the exact moment of sunset, crimson and orange behind the tall stem with the pretty white flower.

The scent of hay and grass are those long August days when it seemed like ages since the last rain shower, when sweat ran in rivulets down my back and the air was a little heavier than other days.

Tomato stems are summer Saturday evenings under my wide straw hat, watching my dad water his garden.

What scents take you somewhere else, transport you completely? Do they take you to a certain moment or take you to a certain feeling?

gardenia sketchbook

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