Alice In Wonderland was the first novel I ever read. I remember being on the school bus on the way to first grade and holding the book to the window so I could get in a few more pages before class claimed my time. Up to that book, I’d only read short ones with lots of pictures (which I still have and love!). Of course, I adored Alice and all of her adventures and haven’t looked back since. Reading is one of the great loves of my life.

Alice In Wonderland, White Rabbit illustration

When I created this illustration, I never intended it to be an Alice-inspired piece. I just love drawing zinnias and wanted to add in my grandpa’s pocket watch. But after finishing, I got White Rabbit vibes and decided I should continue on with the theme.

Alice In Wonderland, Queen Of Hearts illustration

For the Queen Of Hearts, what more perfect flower could there be than bleeding hearts? I decided to keep it lovely, even though the Queen is actually a pretty dark character.

I have a lot more ideas for the Wonderland theme but am thoroughly content to sprinkle them throughout the years instead of rushing through to complete the series. I may tackle the playing card soldiers next, but who knows where inspiration will strike? Hard to say with muses as unpredictable as Alice and her friends!

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